Personal Webpage

About Me

Hello, I am a 18 years old student of IT and network technologies on SPŠE Hálova 16 in Bratislava where I am especially learning networking - Cisco, programing in PHP, C++, C# or SQL and building websites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript. My hometown is Pieštany and I live in Vrbové.


My hobbies are of course music and friends. I am also interested in front-end development, calisthenics which is excercising with own bodyweight, video games, science, space and hiking.

My goals

I want to build beautiful, dynamic, responsive, well designed and colorful websites and have knowledge from all kinds of IT sectors. Also improve in calisthenics and maybe become one of more advanced athletes.


I am slightly advanced in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery library and working with Bootstrap, know networking basics and principles, PC hardware, programs like Visual Studio Code, XAMPP, GitHub, Oracle VM VirtualBox, Packet Tracer and operating systems Windows, Windows server or Debian. Always opened to new things and ready to learn them.